2018 May Historic Preservation Month

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National Register of Historic Places and Nomination:

Loretta J. Hendrix


Paul Laurence Dunbar School Neighborhood Historic District

Multiple Historic Properties District (1/2018)

Arkansas Teachers Association Headquarters Building

The Professional Building

The two adjacent historic properties identifiable as two red-brick structures located at 1304 Wright Avenue and 1306 Wright Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas, situated between Pulaski Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. were placed in nomination about the National Register of Historic Places and officially certified by the National Park Service, January 2018.  The National Register of Historic Places designation and historic property listings denote statewide significance and worthy of preservation.

The Arkansas Teachers Association Headquarters Building and culturally significant as an educational institution about the education of Arkansas Negro girls and boys and proven evidence about dedication of Negro classroom teachers, Negro public school administrators, and the Historic Black Colleges and University administration and professors.  The Arkansas Teachers Association Headquarters Building is a living legacy of Negro educators of Arkansas and two former educational organizations and evolvement from (1865 - 1965).

Arkansas Teachers Association Headquarters Building

1306 Wright Avenue

The Professional Building and culturally significant about the professional careers of four (4) Negro practitioners and area specialization of, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Optometry, and husband and wife team specializing as Doctors of Dentistry and all providing healthcare services about the Little Rock Negro community and early on 1950 through 1990.  Collectively, the four doctors shared leadership in attainment of full constitutional rights by the Little Rock Negro community and equal protection under the law.

The aforementioned historic structures were built by an Africana-American company, the Smith Brothers General Contractors of North Little Rock, Arkansas and construction project solely financed by the Arkansas Teachers Association and the four professional doctors.  Construction development and project timeline span years 1961-1965 and the Arkansas Teachers Association Headquarters Building dedicated April 1965; and construction of Professional Building completed in 1964 and early on.

The Professional Building

1304 Wright Avenue

Sue Cowan Williams Library Parking Lot (Re-conditioning)

2019 Summer

Parking lot between Sue Cowan Williams Library (1800 S. Chester St.) and the LR Paul L. Dunbar Middle School (1100 Wright Ave.).


2018 MAR 7

Dunbar School/Gibbs School Sidewalk Improvements Project


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) program initiative and administered by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT).

IRDSafeRoutes2School Project

The Dunbar Middle School/Gibbs Elementary School Sidewalk Improvements Project and (2016) grant award by the ArDOT (Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department formerly) is near closeout and completion.

IRDSafeRoutes2School Project and proposed sidewalk network ensures safe travel about the Dunbar Middle School and Gibbs Elementary School campuses and walk-ability and access to the Dunbar Community Gardens and Sue Cowan Williams Public Library.

"Safe Routes to School" and an historically funded program and eligible activity under (FAST) and (TA) Set-aside.

Under the auspices of the (FHWA) Federal Highway Administration, (TA) Set-aside authorizes funding for programs and projects defined as transportation alternatives.


IRDSafe Routes to School Champion

IRDMATRIX Grant Awardee (2016)

ArDOT (Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department)



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2015 MAY

Paul Laurence Dunbar School Neighborhood Historic District

2015 MAY - Historic Preservation Blitz

                                      -2015 May Historic Preservation Month-

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